Natural, raw, & unfiltered Louisiana honey made without antibiotics & harsh chemicals

Our Honey

Our local, natural honey producing hives are never treated with antibiotics or harsh chemicals.  Our honey comb is routinely removed and recycled instead of being re-used in the hive year after year after year!  

These management practices enable us to produce the best tasting, purest, and "chemical free" honey that we can!  We do not pasteurize our honey, so it is not heated to the point of ruining the flavor and health benefits.  Since we don't ruin the flavor with harsh chemicals, over-heating, excessively old comb use, or filtering out the pollen; you can actually taste the different flowers used by the bees to make the honey in our different bee yards!  

Our beeswax, pollen, and propolis are produced in the same antibiotic and harsh chemical free colonies!  In short, we do everything possible to make sure that our hive products - including honey and wax - are not contaminated with unnecessary, harsh chemicals!  

Remember, "Healthy bees make better honey!"

Our Bath Products

Our soaps are made from scratch  "just like grandma used to make it!"  We do not make "melt and pour soaps" that are passed of as homemade - you can buy those from the store, too!  This means that our soaps are as good for your skin as "grandma's" soap used to be.  Being true old fashioned soap, it has beautifully muted colors and scents.  Being a truly natural soap, our soaps help protect your skin from drying out since it contains all of the healthy glycerines - unlike many of the store-bought soaps! We make sure to include many healthy oils that help to promote good skin health:  honey is a great moisturizer while beeswax hardens the soap so that it lasts longer for you while helping to keep the skin moisturized.

Our honey, milk, & green tea bath bombs are fun to watch, add wonderful scents or essential oils to your bath, and provide many beneficial properties to your bath water!  Milk is believed to help to hydrate skin and retain moisture even after the bath is complete.  Honey is believed to help moisturize and soften skin in addition to aiding with detoxification.  Green tea is believed to be anti-bacterial with antioxidants that are good for cellular health!  Don't forget: if you have jets in your tub, our bath bombs make a great bubble bath!

Our long-lasting Brown Sugar Honey Scrubs are excellent for defoliating , moistening, and smoothing your skin.  Our lip balms are beeswax based with additional oils to help keep your lips from drying out - or to help them heal if they have already became chapped.  Although great as normal candles, our massage candles are best for hot oil massages that help to moisturize the skin: they go on warm and it leaves the skin feeling great!  Our beeswax-based hard lotion bars are long-lasting, excellent moisturizers, that do not leave the skin feeling greasy or oily.  

Our pure beeswax candles burn so relatively smoke-free and drip free that they are great to light while relaxing in the tub - or any time around the house!  Additionally, many people believe that they help to clean the air while lit!

Our Bees


Our colonies are generally based on purchased queens from lines displaying the VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) Trait, and then we graft from those purchased queens and/or their daughters. Basically, we select for queens with some level of VSH so that we can have good levels of colony survival WITHOUT the use of harsh, dangerous chemicals to control mites and other hive issues. (We have not used harsh, dangerous chemicals to control for mites in over a decade.....and it has been even longer since we have used any antibiotics in out colonies!) We run relatively “treatment free” colonies.

In addition to purchased VSH-line queens, we also select from exceptional quality “survivor bee" queens. These are queens captured as part of live removals or swarm captures. They may also be from our own colonies, but these lineages are ones that have headed colonies from multiple generations away from the original purchased queen. They all have some exceptional characteristic (such as hygienics, docility, honey productions, etc.) in addition to surviving without harsh chemical treatments!

All of the queens we produce and sell are open-mated in an area with plenty of native drones and many drones from our managed colonies.  This combination results in a diverse genetic pool of mated queens and entire colonies that are all based on natural varroa suppression while being genetically adapted to our local areas. (Remember, genetic diversity in the drones breeding with the queen is probably the #1 key to maintaining a healthy, productive, treatment free colony!)

This pool of "survivor" and "hygienic" queens produces colonies that require a minimum of - or often no - treatments for mites or other diseases. All sold mated queens will have demonstrated the ability to lay fertile eggs in a good brood pattern. All colonies and queens will come from known hygienic and/or selected survivor lines

Supplies of all live bees are extremely limited. Production of excess nucs and colonies is often limited to only filling pre-season deposits. Our nucs are a complete small bee colony containing some pollen, honey, capped and uncapped brood, worker bees, and a proven laying queen. To find out if we are taking any more deposits for any of our queens or nucs; email us at After all deposits on queens and nucs are filled, any extra queens or nucs will be made for sale. We will make an announcement on our facebook page concerning available queens. Make sure to like and follow us on facebook to know when we have new products available for sale.

Many of our nucs started in the early spring produce harvestable honey by mid-July! Mid-season nucs often produce enough (or almost enough) stores to allow them to go into winter strong with plenty of food reserves. Late season nucs frequently require some fall feeding before going into the winter. All of our nucs will include a proven, laying queen.

Contact us at or (985)789-1000 for specific quotes and availability. Except for live queens, we do not ship live bees. Nucs are available for local pick-up only! To be the first to know when we have extra queens or nucs for sale, please remember to like and follow us on facebook!