Natural, raw, & unfiltered Louisiana honey made without antibiotics & harsh chemicals


We do not allow returns on food items (such as honey) or personal items (such as soaps and lotions) under any condition UNLESS you were shipped an incorrect item. Please check the shipped items upon day of receipt to confirm there are no errors. Items will not be accepted for return if you incorrectly ordered the wrong item. Make sure your shopping cart is correct before placing any order. No returns on pick-up items: make sure your items are correct before accepting them. Manufactured items, such as shaving brushes, come with a 14 day warranty. 

We recommend shipping via USPS priority or priority express since it includes shipping insurance. Items may be shipped via regular mail (“first class”) at the customer’s request, but there is no shipping insurance available via this method. Make sure to select priority or express USPS shipping if you want insurance to guarantee safe arrival of your product.

Live bee orders may not have combined shipping with any other orders. Nucs are for local pick-up only unless delivery is arranged in advance. Nucs may not be shipped. Nucs are guaranteed to be healthy and have an accepted, laying queen with a healthy brood pattern upon pick-up. No warranty or guarantee on nucs for customer error following pick-up. Delivered nucs have a 7 day guarantee as long as all instructions are followed by the customer. 

Live mated queen bees are warrantied to arrive alive and in a healthy condition as long as they are shipped USPS PRIORITY EXPRESS (PO Box or “hold for pickup” and picked up within 90 minutes of arrival or USPS lobby times).  

Queens may be shipped PRIORITY (not EXPRESS) at customer’s request, but live arrival is not guaranteed. Queens are available for pick-up, and they are guaranteed to be alive and healthy at time of pick-up. Virgin queens (whether picked-up of shipped) have no warranty behind live arrival. 

Any issues with any live bees, regardless of warranty time frame, should be communicated to KJUN as quickly as possible for advice, instructions, and/or corrections. 

All coupon codes are subject to change at ANY time. Coupon codes may not be valid on all products. Coupon codes are generally NOT valid on live bees unless the code starts with the first 3 letters “BEE.” Coupon codes are generally NOT valid on “specials” unless the code starts with the first 4 letters “SPCL.” Coupon codes have no actual cash value and are honored on an optional basis only.  Coupon available for online sales only. Show specials are for shows only. Online specials are for online sales only.